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Ranges between single speed bikes with coaster brakes to geared bicycles. Tire sizes include 12", 16", 20", and 24".
Designed for stunts, tricks, and racing on dirt BMX tracks. They have a single gear ratio with a freewheel and usually feature small frames.
Heavy framed balloon tired bicycles. They are also called beach bikes or boulevardiers and are designed for comfortable travel.
Designed for off-road cycling. These bikes feature highly durable frames and wheels, wide treaded tires, and straight handlebars.
They have a light frame, medium width wheels, derailleur gearing, and feature touring handlebars for more upright riding.
Designed for speed, and the sport of competitive road racing. They come equipped with lightweight frames and components.

For safe and comfortable riding there should be at least a 1-2 inch clearance between the groin area of the rider and the top tube of the bicycle frame. Make sure your feet are off the pedals flat on on the ground when measuring.

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